We take your data security and privacy seriously

As your Review partner, we will be accessing sensitive data about you and your clients. Our systems and processes have been carefully designed to ensure this information is protected to the highest standards via end-to-end encryption.

From start to finish

Document collection and analysis

When gathering and assessing sensitive information, our processes are designed to ensure only those directly involved with the review will have access to this information. It is then only transmitted back to key individuals within your organisation as prescribed by you.

Safe and sound

Data management and security

All data is held on secure servers with round the clock security and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of One AML Review.

Privacy policy details

Privacy policy general

This policy sets out how we will collect, use, disclose and protect your personal information.
One AML Review complies with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (the Act) when dealing with personal information. Personal information is information about an identifiable individual (a natural person).
This policy does not limit or exclude any of your rights under the Act. If you wish to seek further information on the Act, see https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/the-privacy-act/.

Physical address

Suite 1, Level 18, 227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Information we will be collecting

In accordance with the AML/CTF Act. We will only collect and store information required for the AML/CTF Review.

If information not provided

If the requested information is not provided by the client, One AML Review may not be able to complete the engagement.

Changes to this policy

We may change this policy by uploading a revised policy onto the website. The change will apply from the date that we upload the revised policy.

Disclosing any personal information about you or your clients

• A person who can require us to supply this information (e.g. a regulatory authority).
• Any other person authorised by the Act or another law (e.g. a law enforcement agency).
• Any other person authorised by you.

Protecting you and your customers information

We will take reasonable steps to keep you and your customers personal information safe from loss, unauthorised activity, or other misuse whilst in our possession.

Your consent

By submitting information to One AML Review, you consent to One AML Review collecting and using this information about you and your customers as described above.